Hi, I'm Lili! 


4 years ago I was a 21 year old premed college student, uncertain of my future. I attended neuroscience classes and studied 8-12 hours a day, deeming me average fitness level. I loved science and serving others. I was determined to get into medical school, and eventually, I did.

It was the safe option. It was the respectable career choice. I knew I would excel.

But something didn’t feel quite right. My heart was being pulled in another direction. I needed to dance with every fiber of my being. My greatest fear was one day turning 80 years old and looking back at what could have been. Great athletes become great in their 20s and 30s. If I wanted to become a professional athlete I needed to do it now. And I needed to act fast.

So I took the greatest leap of faith of my life. I began auditioning for dance companies. Then COVID shut the world down.

I managed to get accepted to a professional division program and went through very physically and mentally demanding training for 2 years. I became certified as a trainer and started programming my own gym workouts. Every ballet class, every gym session, was bringing me closer to my goal. Finally, I received a company contract.

Today I am living my dream, dancing professionally and running my own business.

There is no secret, hack, fast-track, or cheat code to success. I got here through consistency and above all unwavering self-belief. Against all odds.

If I can do it, so can you. Start with the gym. Everything will fall into place from there.