The Performing Athlete is a world-class service for the dancer who wants to become unstoppable.

The dancer who is ready to shatter their limiting beliefs and become the most elite of athletes.

The dancer who dreams of a long, healthy, and fulfilling career in the performing arts.

The dancer who desires the highest level of mentorship regarding training, fueling, recovery, mindset, and health.

The dancer who aspires to live and dance pain and injury free.

The dancer who dreams of food freedom and healthy body image.

The dancer who has excellent muscular and body awareness and technique.

The dancer with the tools to work in harmony with their body not against it.

The dancer who is obsessed with self improvement.

The dancer who hungers to be the absolute best.

“Lili is committed to making you the best version of yourself as a dancer and athlete.” -Rachel Rigole

Jeanne-Marie Branche

Working with Lili has been so life-changing!! Before I was scared of the gym and I didn't really know what to do or where to start! After starting her course she has been such a rock and mentor in my life guiding me through training and the ins and outs of the gym and just being there to support my ups and downs!! 

I love the Performing Athlete Course because it really got me thinking about many aspects of training and daily life that contributes to how I perform in the gym or in dance class or on stage. It really helped me mentally and physically!

I highly highly recommend working with Lili! She is a phenomenal coach and hype woman when you need it!! For my first big investment for myself- I do not regret it one bit!!"

Kristen Dasto

"It's only been 8 weeks and I honestly cannot recommend working 1-1 with Lili enough! Her attention to detail in helping you succeed and be the absolute best you YOU can be is so refreshing, especially in a field that often tears you down. Lili's passion for what she does SHINES, along with her encouragement and genuine spirit. She is always there and ready to answer any and all questions. She is super personable, and truly cares about you and your goals. I have seen so much improvement not only in myself as a whole, but also in my nutrition and how I view food, my jumps, kicks, stamina, muscle engagement, former injuries that I finally feel are healing and getting stronger... I could on. And again, it's only been 8 weeks. I cannot wait to see where I am thanks to Lili's guidance at the end of this full program!"

Lauren Wilmore

“Working with Lili has been exactly the push I needed on my dance journey. Lili’s program helped me overcome my fear of the gym and made me feel super confident and energized every time I went. Her support and accountability helped me create the routine and habits that I was struggling so hard to maintain. The modules helped me work through internalized attitudes toward food and cross training that I hadn’t even realized I had, and helped me realize the importance of simple, game-changing things like getting enough sleep and packing snacks on busy days. I feel so much stronger in my dancing now, I have a plan, I have confidence, and I’m genuinely excited to see my continued progress! I can’t recommend this program highly enough, and not only for ballet dancers—I’m a musical theatre dancer, and she knew exactly the path I needed to take to reach my goals. Thank you Lili!!"

6 Month Program Features

Professional cross-training program completely customized to your goals as a dancer 

Instant access to ALL TBB COURSES on dance technique, proper nutrition, recovery, mindset, injury prevention, and training protocols while a client

Access to private training app with calendar, training plan, habit tracker, nutrition and sleep log

Guidance on optimizing nutrition recovery, mindset, healthy habits etc.

Weekly check-ins with personalized feedback

Slack messaging support from trainer

Video demos of each exercise and detailed feedback on form

The tools to APPLY your new knowledge to your dancing

Sarah Holguin

"The past 12 weeks have been life changing. I was struggling to eat properly and find workouts that helped me with my form and endurance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me ! I feel like a weapon in the gym and I am so grateful for all the knowledge and information you have given me!"

Hannah Angell

"I'm noticing huge improvements in dance! My modern, contemporary, and improv all feel a lot more solid and I can do more things since I have more strength. My jumps in ballet feel almost effortless, it’s crazy in such a good way. I'm also able to focus on engaging specific muscles in dance that I wasn’t able to isolate before." 

Grace French

"Going to the gym has become my self care and something I look forward to. I don’t feel as much anxiety about the machines/exercises. My upper body and back have been feeling a lot stronger recently! I can tell a difference in the exercises and see it in my body."

The Performing Athlete Program has served dancers in the following companies and institutions:


Zion Dance Project

Joffrey Ballet

City Ballet of San Diego

Alvin Ailey BFA Program

Towson University Department of Dance

University of Tampa Department of Dance

East Carolina University School of Theatre and Dance

Barnard College

Grand Valley State University

University of Michigan

Boston University

Swarthmore College

Kelly Gogliuzza

“I feel so confident in my body and I feel so strong. My mentality towards health and wellness has changed so much and I'm finally keeping habits I never thought I could like drinking enough water and working out consistently. Also I've been loving how much food freedom I have. It is truly wonderful.”

Ava Eriksen-Oertle

"Working with Lili has been exactly what I needed to give myself confidence and consistency in my dancing! Being able to take care of myself by cross training has always been really overwhelming but the programming is really clear and easy to follow and totally breaks down how to create a healthy routine for yourself so going to the gym feels like self care and not a chore! Along with gym training, Lili pays attention to the rest of my habits to help me create my most healthy lifestyle and be my best!"

Emma Dulski

"You have been so incredibly helpful. I love all of the corrections on form- it's super helpful. I also love all of the support and cheering on I get from you. Like I know you're always there for me and I can ask you any question and I'll get a response within just a few minutes. I'm so glad I chose to do this with you. You're amazing!!

Achieve your true athletic potential as a performer.


Improve flexibility and mobility

Decrease your risk of injury

Build strength, power, and endurance 

Enhance your turns, jumps, extensions, balance, and coordination

Learn how to fuel your body optimally for class, rehearsal, and performance

Develop a strong recovery routine for your muscles and joints

Reduce or even completely eliminate common dancer aches and pains

Build sustainable habits that support your dancing and cross-training routine long-term

Julianne Woodward

“I would absolutely recommend this program because I love knowing that I’m training in the most efficient and effective way. I’m also getting so much support from you that I feel like I wouldn’t get from other trainers because they don’t get what we do. I don’t think I would be able to dance as well as I did if I hadn’t started supplementing and working on my training outside of the studio. I feel like I’ve actually taken charge of my progress and my growth. Thank you!!!!"

Mairi Nicol

"I definitely feel a difference in my everyday life! I feel, happier, healthier, and stronger. I would definitely recommend The Performing Athlete Program! You make so much information available - everything from exercises, health, fitness, nutrition, and dance."

Alexandria Finley

"I would definitely recommend the program, I really appreciate the guidance in the gym and the accountability checks. I definitely feel more comfortable in the gym setting which is great- this is setting me up to have a good relationship with exercise/training even after I retire from dance. I think it has also  helped me think critically about the good and bad habits that shape my life and what new habits I want to adopt to reach my full potential as an artist. "

DOORS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN. There are a very limited number of spots available to join this program starting in June 2024. Once spots are filled, this application will be closed until December 2024. Fill out the form below to ensure your application gets priority!